Living a sustainable and conscious lifestyle

The Optimistic Apple is more than a clothing brand

The world does not need another clothing brand, but it does need a brand like The Optimistic Apple.

Our choices are important

Our mission is to inspire people to live a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. We believe that every little step matters. Wearing our clothes means wearing a vision.

For the animals, for the planet, and for each other.

The Optimistic Apple is PETA – Approved Vegan certified. This means our garments are made of vegan alternatives to animal-derived materials such as leather, fur, silk, feathers, or bone.

Every material we use in the production of our garments is either 100% organic or recycled. Each single part of our packaging is plastic-free and compostable.

We make sure everyone works in a safe environment where they are ethically-treated. Our garments are made in factories verified by the Fair Wear Foundation.

LEt's find out

How we make our clothes

Transparency is key to us, especially when it comes to the production process.

We try to make clothing that makes you feel good.

The Optimistic Apple garments are made for everyone.