A sustainable and conscious lifestyle

The Optimistic Apple is not just a brand. It is part of a journey towards a vegan and eco-sustainable style: inside there is also a blog where you will find a lot of information on the daily life of veganз, on sustainable fashion, on cruelty-free and vegan beauty, on plant food. -based. And on everything I discover, I learn and add to my little knowledge base.

Our goal is to inspire people to live a more conscious lifestyle. This includes what we wear, what we eat, how we treat the planet, animals and other human beings.

Our choices are important

We think that every choice made taking into consideration animals, the environment, and other human beings has a positive impact. Wearing The Optimistic Apple clothes means wearing values in the name of a more sustainable and aware world, from all points of view.

For animals

No animals are used to produce The Optimistic Apple clothing.

All products are certified PETA - Approved Vegan, a certification that guarantees the absence of materials of animal origin or exploitation of animals in the production of a product.

For the planet

The garments are produced in sustainable structures, without using processes or materials that are harmful to the environment.

The materials that are used for the production of the garments are 100% organic or recycled materials.

The packaging of each order is plastic-free, compostable or recyclable. Fast shipping is not available, in order to impact even less on the environment.

For the people

Each garment is produced in Fair Trade certified factories. The garments are produced in decent conditions, guaranteeing safety for workers.

We would like to make you feel good wearing The Optimistic Apple products, not only because you like them aesthetically or because they portray phrases and images that represent you, but also because they are produced ethically and responsibly.

How the garments are made

Transparency is key to us, especially when it comes to the production process. So here you will find everything you need to know about how The Optimistic Apple products are made.

We only use 100% organic cotton and recycled materials

The garments are produced with high quality raw materials, grown or produced with methods that do not harm people, animals and the environment.

All products are made with GOTS certified 100% organic Indian cotton, recycled polyester and other sustainable materials.

We have the best certifications

The supply chain is certified by several independent bodies and standards. Each certification is a guarantee of total respect for the environment, people and animals.

The Optimistic Apple garments are certified: Peta - Approved Vegan, GOTS, Fair Wear and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

Transparency in the first place

It is very important for us to know where - and how - the products we buy are made, so we have decided to tell you this too.

The factories where the garments are produced are located in Bangladesh. They are all verified by the Fair Trade Foundation.

The Optimistic Apple supplier is committed to ensuring a safe working environment for its employees, with decent pay, decent hours and no gender discrimination.

The working conditions are supervised by a dedicated team and always in accordance with the official certification of the International Labor Organization and monitored by the Fair Wear Foundation.

Il modo più sicuro per stampare

Abbiamo scelto di stampare in Italia con le migliori tecnologie per ridurre l’inquinamento utilizzando metodi di stampa senza utilizzo di acqua. 

Gli inchiostri utilizzati sono a base acquosa, completamente biodegradabili, vegani, privi di metalinguistici pesanti, non pericolosi, atossici e di conseguenza rispettosi dell’ambiente e adatti a tutti i tipi di pelle, anche quelle più sensibili, come quelle di neonatз e bambinз.

Realizzati per voi, non per essere sprecati

Siamo un brand di abbigliamento che vende online. A prima vista, questo può sembrare un controsenso rispetto al nostro impegno per essere sistenibili.

La maggior parte dei negozi tradizonali ordina merce in grandi quantità che viene loro spedita da lunghe distanze. Spesso ciò che resta in magazzino rimane invenduto.

A differenza della maggior parte dei brand, noi stampiamo i vostri capi solo quando vengono ordinati. Questo ci consente di produrre solo il necessario evitando gli sprechi.

We tried to make clothing that was as inclusive as possible to make you feel good.

The Optimistic Apple garments are suitable for everyone. You can take a look at the fit in the appropriate section.