What is the most ecological option for washing dishes?

To answer this question, many factors need to be considered. When washing dishes with the dishwasher, the determining factors are the chosen program, the consumption of the appliance, the detergent used and the quantity of dishes to wash, so whether it is used at full load or not. When they are washed by hand , the detergent chosen and the amount of product and water used must be taken into consideration.

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A glossary that contains the terms I use most frequently.
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Brand per la cura della casa e della persona interamente vegan

Entirely vegan brand for home and personal care

This is a list of home and personal care brands that offer products that are completely free of ingredients of animal origin (so Vegan ).
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10 app per uno stile di vita sostenibile e plant-based

10 apps for a sustainable and plant-based lifestyle

With the help of technology, it is becoming easier and easier to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle and plant-based . Whether you are following a plant-based diet (or trying to do it more often), looking to buy animal-free cosmetic products, or trying to respect the planet by avoiding unnecessary waste of resources, there is an application for to do it.
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20 documentari da vedere per una vita più consapevole

20 documentaries to see for a more conscious life

This is a selection of twenty documentaries and short films that I consider a must-watch to open your eyes and start a more conscious lifestyle, plant-based is cruelty-free . They are also useful for investigating specific issues.
Negozi di prodotti sfusi in Italia

Bulk product stores in Italy

A list of bulk stores in Italy.
Vegano non significa sempre etico

Vegan doesn't always mean ethical

This is the title of this article because in the common imagination we vegans are the only people in the world who consume "problem foods" . It is not uncommon, in fact, that when you say you are vegan, one of the first attacks may be: "Do you have any idea how polluting your avocados ?!".
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5 libri da leggere per approcciarsi a una vita vegana

5 books to read to approach a vegan life

Many of you have asked me for advice on which books to read to deepen the vegan choice. There are hundreds of interesting readings to do on the subject, but I have decided to offer you a selection of the five books that I consider one must-have to start approaching a vegan lifestyle. I have included the books that are fundamental for me, which I often consult and gladly reread.
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Greenwashing: quello che dovresti sapere

Greenwashing: what you should know

Every day, we are encouraged to buy "eco-sustainable" products. Often, product labels can confuse us to such an extent that we think we have purchased eco-friendly products even when this is not the case.
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