Brand di vestiti ecosostenibili e vegan-friendly

Often when I explain my position towards animals, I am asked why I care so much about them when there are people who die and suffer every day. It is a legitimate question, especially if it refers to the work ethic and the conditions to which animals are subjected for the fashion industry.

This sense of injustice and willingness to end the suffering of other living beings due to our selfishness should also extend to human beings. Although it is utopically possible to avoid the suffering of every being on this planet, in practical life it can be very complex (if not impossible, in some cases). However, instead of feeling overwhelmed by this sense of powerlessness towards what happens to the planet and the beings that populate it, one can focus a little at a time on every part of one's life, one's habits, one's beliefs and seek to improve slowly.

What I feel like doing (and everyone feels how they feel and doesn't have to feel attached to feel differently) is to try to buy fewer things, of better quality, ethically produced, with materials that do not come from animals.

The fast fashion started making clothes at super affordable prices for us. The price to pay is decidedly less convenient for workers in third world countries who are forced to live in conditions that do not know human rights.

In this regard, I recommend a documentary that has completely opened my eyes to the fashion industry: The True Cost . It is a 2015 documentary film directed by Andrew Morgan that denounces the fashion industry, with a focus on fast fashion (chains such as H&M, Zara, Primark, Forever 21 and so on).

Fortunately, there are vegan, eco-sustainable and ethical alternatives.

This is a list of clothing brands eco-sustainable is vegan-friendly (which have vegan options). They are brands that I discovered through research on various blogs and Instagram profiles. All the brands listed also ship to Italy.

List of eco-sustainable and vegan-friendly clothing brands
















Vittoria Tomassini