Vegan and sustainable shoe brands

When it comes to shoes it is important to choose quality materials, but it is also important to choose a design that we love, that makes us feel good in every sense.
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Brand di vestiti ecosostenibili e vegan-friendly

Eco-sustainable and vegan-friendly clothing brands

A selection of eco-friendly and vegan-friendly clothing brands.
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Guida a un armadio animal-free

Guide to an animal-free wardrobe

Switching from a plant-based diet to a closet that does not contain fabrics and materials from animals is a great step. Buy clothes and accessories Vegan it means refraining from purchasing leather, feathers, fur, wool and silk.
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Fashion brands that carry out tests on animals

This is a list of leading brands in the fashion industry that still test their products on animals.
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Le persone vegane dovrebbero acquistare tessuti animali di seconda mano o riciclati?

Should vegan people buy second-hand or recycled animal fabrics?

Some of the questions I've constantly asked myself since I've been a vegan are: Should I continue to wear the clothing and accessories I had in leather? Should I decide not to buy used products that contain animal materials? Should I support an eco-sustainable brand that uses recycled animal fabrics? The answer is: I do not know .
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Negozi vintage e second-hand in Italia

Vintage and second-hand shops in Italy

A list of second-hand and vintage shops in Italy.
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Brand di piumini vegani

Brand of vegan duvets

A selection of brands that produce vegan and cruelty-free duvets.
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