Il vino è vegano?

When you choose to embark on a vegan path, you begin to ask several questions about any food, including alcoholic beverages. Perhaps one of the most common questions I get is whether wine is vegan.

The answer is: it depends.

Wine can be vegan, or it cannot be. In this article we will analyze the wine production processes, to understand when it can be considered vegan and to see some certified vegan wines.

How is wine usually produced?

Usually, during the production of wine, technological adjuvants are used: substances used to favor the process which are then eliminated. Some adjuvants can be of animal origin. As in the case of sugar production, even if the substances are eliminated, it cannot be excluded that traces remain inside the finished product.

The most used adjuvants are the clarifiers that are used to make the wine clear and eliminate impurities. The most common ones of animal origin are: gelatine, casein, albumin, cassinati, isinglass and bone glue.

What is vegetarian wine?

There are some wines that are not vegan, but vegetarian. A vegetarian wine can contain derivatives from indirect animals, such as albumin and must avoid direct derivatives, such as isinglass or gelatin.

How is vegan wine made?

In the production of vegan wine, all derivatives of animal origin are omitted. The glue of the wine labels must also be of vegetable origin.

How to understand if a wine is vegan?

It should be specified that there is no specific regulation for the term "vegan wine". The information on which we base the concept of "vegan wine" is at our discretion, in practice.

There are several brands that produce vegan wine with specific regulations. There is the possibility for producers to get certified with the Vegan OK certification. Producers can also obtain the “Vegan® Vegetarian Quality” certification promoted by Avi and certified by Csqa-Certificazioni. This guarantees respect for the absence of animal derivatives.

What are the vegan wine producers?

In Italy there are several brands and producers that produce vegan wines. Here I mention a few:

  • Zai Urban Winery who produced ZAI Wine, an organic and vegan canned wine
  • San Giovanni agrobiological company
  • Offida winery
  • Ciù Ciù agricultural company
  • Pievalta agricultural company
  • Costadoro winery
  • Casabianca Farm
  • La Pieve oil mill
  • Orsogna wine oil factory
  • Venturino Giancarlo company
  • Perlage Srl
Vittoria Tomassini