How it All Began

Hi! My name is Vittoria. I am 28. I was born and raised in Italy and have been a big fan of Taylor Swift since 2007. 

My life changed when, four years ago, I decided to start living respecting my ethics driven by love for my two chihuahuas. Initially, I became a vegetarian. Then I went vegan. That change was the most important of my life. After I became vegan, I started living to the fullest with respect for this planet and its inhabitants.

I try to live consciously without giving up my passions: fashion, beauty, and food. That’s why I created this digital platform, to share my experience with a vegan and conscious lifestyle, cruelty-free beauty, sustainable fashion, plant-based food, and everything that comes to my mind.

My Book

I love writing. In addition to curating this blog, I wrote a book about vegan and cruelty-free lifestyles, fashion, and beauty called Vivi Consapevole (Italian for “live consciously”), available here. It’s a guide to living your best life while being kind to animals, the environment, and yourself.

I love helping people discover new ways of living that are better for them and the world around them. Through my blog or my book, I want to spread the message that you don’t need to sacrifice your values or style to live well!

What Do I Do For a living

I’ve always loved the visual arts. My first degree was in Communications, but I needed more. I wanted to be able to design things that people would see every day—so I went on to get a master’s in Graphic Design.

Fashion has been a constant in my life, and I even attended a short Fashion Image & Styling course. 

After living in New York for a few months to attend the Professional Graphic Design course at the Parsons School of Design, I returned to Italy.

I started this blog in early 2020, initially just in Italian. Then I decided to increase its reach by translating it into English—if you’re looking for the Italian version, you can click here. In 2021 I created a vegan, ethically-made, and low-impact apparel brand. 

After a year and a half, I decided to focus on a new project: an animal-free, low-impact, and made-in-Italy clothing company based in the United States. You guessed it—I work there as Art Director & Head of Communications remotely! For now…

Get to Know Me

Forever On Repeat

taylor swift

I’d spend all my money on

food+ makeup

My Birth Chart

☉libra, ☾ taurus, ↑capricorn


big cities

My Favorite TV Show

howI met your mother

My Happy Place IS

new york city

Favorite Hobby

taking pictures

My Favorite Person IS

my husband

Favorite Color Combo

black + white

I Can’t Live Without

my chihuahuas


Let’s make some magic together.