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7 Useful Vegan Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Veganism is becoming more popular every year, and there are a lot of people out there who have decided to follow a vegan lifestyle.

Luckily, there are lots of apps out there that can help you along the way!

Here are seven useful vegan apps that will make your life easier:

  • Happy Cow
  • Abillion
  • Ralphy
  • Vegsafe
  • VeggL
  • Good On You
  • Mapstr

Happy Cow

Want to eat out while avoiding animal derivatives? Happy Cow can help. Enter your location, and you’ll see all the vegan-friendly eateries around you—perfect if you’re traveling or searching for plant-based gems in your local town that you didn’t know existed. You can also leave reviews and share pictures of your food to help other vegans looking for somewhere to eat.

Cost: 5 €
Available: iPhone and Android


Abillion helps you discover vegan dishes around you and explore ratings and reviews to help you choose what to eat and what you want to buy while grocery shopping.

Cost: Free
Available: iPhone and Android


Ralphy is a barcode-scanning app that makes vegan shopping easier. It provides information on the animal testing status of personal care items, cosmetics, and household products.

Cost: Free
Available: iPhone and Android


Vegsafe helps you determine which food additive, clothing material, or ingredient is of animal origin—and provides detailed information about it.

Cost: Free
Available: iPhone and Android


With VeggL, you’ll know where to find vegan options in your favorite places. They check out popular chain restaurants’ menus and see everything they offer vegan, so you don’t have to. They also research airports, arenas, and stadiums so you can know what’s vegan and where to find it —anywhere you go!

Cost: Free (upgrade to the pro version to go ad-free)
Available: iPhone and Android

Good On You

Good On You is a database that lets you evaluate brands based on their impact on people, the environment, and animals. The site has over 2,000 brands, each with a category and overall score. Good On You helps understand whether a brand is vegan and how it treats animals.

Cost: Free
Available: iPhone and Android


Mapstr lets you keep track of all your favorite places worldwide, tag them, and share them with whomever you want. It can be handy to keep track of your favorite vegan spots and vegan-friendly recommendations and to plan your next trip.

Cost: Free
Available: iPhone and Android

Check out my own Mapstr map: made by a vegan for all vegans. You can find it here. 

Don’t worry—this list is just a jumping-off point! There are many vegan apps available, so you have a lot of resources at your disposal. Happy app hunting!

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